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Women Went Natural & Men Have Gone Relaxer

  Take us back!!! From the good ole days of Malcolm X until now!!! Nowadays, while most ethnic women are anti-relaxers men are turning anti-nappy.  Men and women have taken a different stance on their hair and men want their kinks gone. A few months ago we’ve noticed a trend of men’s hair from now […]

Gabrielle Union Launched New Hair Care Line For Textured Hair

  FLAWLESS!!! Is what many women want to be, especially since Queen Bey, Beyonce dropped her song entitled, Flawless.  With the idea of being flawless with not just her body appearance but with her hair the Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union launched her very own hair care line, GU Flawless by Gabrielle Union. Like many women who have […]

Natural Hair Shrinkage Solved With SSS Hair Stretching Plates

  Natural & curly?  Have curl shrinkage problems and haven’t found a solution yet? CWK Girls (curls, waves and kinks) have created a limited edition hair plates. The SSS (snap, stretch, and style) plates were designed to give those natural hair ladies with curly, wavy, and kinky texture a hair tool that would help elongate […]

Truth About Damaged Hair

Deuces to hair damage or can I just repair it? The truth about damaged hair!!! Damage is physical harm caused to something in such a way as to impair its value, usefulness, or normal function (via google).  As it relates to hair, there are several ways in which a person can cause damage to their mane: Wearing styles […]

Shea Moisture Products People Love

    What a task at hand in finding the product that “works” for your hair! As a hairstylist when consulting with clients or potential clients one of the questions I ask everyone is, what shampoo and conditioner do you use on your hair.  Majority of the clients I encounter responds, “shea moisture.”  Then they […]

Monica Brown Confronts Joc For Jocking Her Style

Don’t come for her! R&B Singer and short hair slayer Monica has been known for rocking some of the sassiest short hairstyle in the entertainment industry. Many people admire her fashionable hair trends and Monica’s hair sets the tone for many everyday women. But we don’t think the R&B singer was ready for this one….when her […]