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Italian Vogue: ‘Slave’ Earrings… Really???

We all know the fashion industry is very discriminatory against plus-size women but now this. Italian Vogue has really raised some eyebrows with their latest earrings on their website called ‘Slave Earrings.’ Now I don’t know about yall, but I’m feeling some type of way about this! It’s like really.. Yall couldn’t think of ANY […]

In The Fashion Industry, Size DOES Matter!!!

In a world full of people that are stuck on appearance, size truly does matter, especially in the fashion industry. Earlier I was looking at a premiere of an MTV upcoming show about this young lady Chelsea Settles who wants badly to become a fashion model. So you might ask, what’s holding her back from […]

Is Purple The New Pink???

  As you all know, pink and purple are my absolute FAVORITE colors because I think they are the most feminine, girly colors in the world. Now everywhere I look I see chics wearing something purple, whether it’s eyeshadow, blouses, suits or dresses and it makes me wonder… Is purple the new pink??? Hmmmmmm!!! I can see […]

BET Awards: Red Carpet Divas

Yes, it’s that time again… Time for the BET Awards. If you missed it, don’t worry they’re only gone air it 9,999,999 more times before this month is over lol. Anyway, of course the BET Awards was okay this year but as always there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, the good, the bad and the ugly of […]

Hats… My New Accessory

  I am falling in love with hats and seems like every other woman is too. Everywhere I look, women are wearing big, beautiful, floppy hats and they are simply fantabulous. It seemed like back in the day wearing hats used to be only for church, well maybe only in community lol, but hats are gracing […]

Sip & Shop

I’m so glad my good friend Alena, Atl EyeCather, decided to come drag me out of the house this past weekend. We met up with a couple of our girlfriends at Peacock Alley’s Sip & Shop event. Now of course I had in my mind I was only going to Sip & See, but of […]