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Labor Day: Look of the Day

Let’s face it, today is Labor Day and the last thing you want to do is be in something form fitting after all you’re going to be at somebody’s bbq getting your grub ON! Today I’m in such chill mode and my look of the day says just that! Still sexy with the off shoulder […]

Sassy Sunday: Look Of The Day

I woke up this morning feeling oh so sexy! Down 12.2lbs so I think I’m the ish and then some right about now! Even though I still have so many more pounds to go lol! Anywho! You know us girls love to SHOP and will find any reason to do so lol! I said once […]

Jennifer “Jenny From The Block” Lopez Launches A Fashion Line At Kohl’s

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to fashion. She’s always on top of her game and is now launching a new JLo fashion line at Kohl’s. If you want to look good like Jenny from the block, be sure to check out her line that will be hitting a Kohl’s near you later this month. By […]

Fashion Friday: Diva Cali Maxi Dereon Dress

Yall already know I’m in love with dresses this summer. My sister got me started and now I can’t stop wearing them. They’re so comfortable, so cool, so lady-like. They make me feel so girly, so feminine, like such a lady (in my Sheneneh voice). LOL! Check out this beautiful Diva Cali Maxi Dereron dress: […]

Fashion Friday: 10-Way Dress

OMG! Yall know I love looking good every where I go and being a “thick girl” I can’t step out the house wrong. I love, love, love Ashley Stewart and they have come up with one of the most unique dresses ever. This dress can be worn 10 different ways. Styling options include halter, one […]

Vogue Gives Disney Princesses A Sexy, High Fashion Makeover

Disney Princesses Snow White, Ariel, and Jasmine get high fashion makeovers by Vogue. The princesses looked very modernize and sexy to say the least. I wonder if they’re planning on remaking these movies with the princesses’ looking all modernized and life like. As if the kids don’t have enough sexual stuff on television to keep […]