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Barbie Gets All Bodies Created SHEqual Makeover

Barbie Gets All Bodies Created SHEqual Makeover Well it’s about time that Barbie created all bodies equal. Barbie has been what is considered the “ideal body” image for the world and it eventually bridged over into Hollywood. I never thought I’d see the day that Barbie would show that women truly come in all shapes, […]

Get The Look: Fitted, Knee High Printed Skirt

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4 Winter Looks Inspired By Celebs

Winter is a time of year that can either make or break you when it comes to fashion. Winter fashion can go one of two ways: you can lie down and let it boss you around, making your winter even more miserable than it would be if you embraced it. And that’s the other way […]

Shoe Haul: 4 Pair Of Toddler Boots At Unbelievable Price

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SPOTTED: Marlo Hampton In Moschino

SPOTTED: Marlo Hampton In Moschino Former Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star, Atlanta socialite and fashionista Marlo Hampton lives to slay us with EVERY single picture. Marlo is rocking a black and white striped Moschino jumpsuit and black and gold Moschino belt. She paired her fit with a pair of black and gold Giuseppe Zanotti […]

Divas Therapy Inc. Launch New T-Shirt Line

  Just in time for Christmas shopping, Divas Therapy Inc. launched its first T-shirt line. Divas Therapy is not just your normal tees, it’s a T-shirt line with purpose inspired by two divas, Pat Evans and Samantha Wilder. The inspiration for creating their T-shirt line stemmed from doing things that were therapeutic and brought happiness […]

Redd Ladys Inc. Launched New Women & Teens Clothing Line

  Redd Ladys Inc. new clothing line that inspiring growth in health, community, & ministry with their new Redd Ladys Apparel clothing line. In April 2015, they launched Redd Ladys Apparel, LLC. A clothing line dedicated to encourage women & girls to think REDD & Be A LADY: Love And Desire Yourself. The REDD line […]

Since When Did Barbie Dolls Get Lash Extensions?!?!?!?!?

This past weekend, I was out shopping for my niece 8th birthday and one of her requests was to get another Barbie doll. While we were in Target, I had her to show me a couple of the Barbie Dolls she wanted so I could have an idea of what to get her for her […]

NeNe Leakes Collections Adds New Fab Cape For Fall

Fall into fashion! Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nene Leakes clothing collection just unleashed a Fall fashion fav! Get your fabulousness on this Fall rocking Nene Leakes Collection’s Fabulous reversible cape.  This cape is fun and sexy, while keeping you warm and cozy.  The Fabulous reversible cape comes in two different colors and is available for […]

Curvy&Fabulous? The Bailey Agency School Of Fashion Is Looking For YOU

Atlanta, Georgia!!! Are you ready for this? The Bailey Agency, School of Fashion is looking for new models and guess what? They are not a size zero!!! They are looking for models that are Curvy & Fabulous wearing a size 8 and up. Yasss!!! Finally, a model search for “real women”. With most of America […]