Movie TrailHER: Furious 7

Fast & Furious 6I have been loving the Fast & Furious movies since the very first one. I have a thing for cars so it really excites me when the new versions of the movie comes out, well except this time since Paul Walker died in a tragic car accident earlier this year. Still find […]

New Video: Tamar Braxton Ft. Future — Let Me Know

Tamar Braxton is definitely on her music ish and I’m loving this new song “Let Me Know” featuring Future. SHE dropped the “Let Me Know” single on October 7th and now has released the official video. In the video, you will see her changing up plenty different looks including the one from her “Let Me […]

Will Smith Movie ‘Hitch’ To Become Comedy Series On Fox

It’s like the TV GAWDS are answering my prayers. A while back, I did a post asking whatever happened to all the good sitcoms like Good Times, The Cosby Show and Martin because I don’t know about y’all, but I can live without another reality show coming on, like seriously!!! Well the TV GAWDS have been […]

TrailHER: “Tamar & Vince” Season 3

It’s almost that time for you Tamartians to Get Yo’ Life with baby Braxton and her hubby Vince. Tamar Braxton her hubby Vincent Herbert and their son Logan are all headed back to our TV screens for season 3 of their hit reality show Tamar & Vince. This season, we will get to see Tamar […]

“How To Get Away With Murder” A TV Series You #MustSee

There are many new TV shows out, but there are few that hold my attention. How To Get Away With Murder written by the writer of Scandal  and Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes starring my girl Viola Davis is a TV series you must see. This past weekend I picked up the remote to watch some TV.  Typically I only turn […]

First Look: K. Michelle My Life Coming To VH1 [VIDEO]

Ratchet & Blues singer K. Michelle has been bouncing around from reality show to reality show. She started out on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta  where she gave the impression that she had a severe case of bitter bish syndrome then made her way to Love & Hip Hop New York where she was a little […]

Movie TrailHER: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

It’s almost time for Jennifer Lawrence and her crew to head back to theaters with the third ‘Hunger Games‘ movie. Let me tell y’all how I got hooked on this movie. My sister, who is also a movie fanatic like me, caught whip of the first The Hunger Games movie on Netflix and had the […]

“Addicted” Star Sharon Leal To Release Debut Album — Leal

Who knew “Addicted” actress Sharon Leal could actually sing? I remember her playing the role of Michelle Morris on Dream Girls when she replaced Effie, but I had no idea she could sing for real nor was she actually working on a music career. While I was browsing Facebook, I ran across a sponsored post […]

Lil’ Mo To Release Album — The Scarlet Letter

R&B Divas LA reality star and songstress Lil’ Mo is finally getting ready to drop an official album after years of being on a hiatus. The Scarlet Letter – Lil’ MoBack in April, Lil’ Mo dropped a mixtape, No Shit Sherlock, where she was pretty much going AWF about her previous situation with her now […]

Traci Braxton Drops First Album — Crash & Burn

Braxton Family Values reality star Traci Braxton is finally getting to live out her dreams. The black sheep Braxton has just released her first official album and let’s not forget it’s a solo album at that. Crash & Burn – Traci BraxtonA few weeks ago, Traci teased us with her single “Last Call” and she […]