Jennifer Williams: I’m Not A Fighter But I Will Sue

Ever since I started watching ‘Basketball Wives,’ I’ve always felt like Jennifer takes a lot of ish from pretty much everyone. She has this mild, timid demeanor about herself but is it just a good girl act or is this really her? Everyone knows that former besties, Jennifer and Evelyn, are no longer friends. There […]

Sneak Peek: Ashanti “The Woman You Love”

Ashanti is seriously on a mission to make a comeback. The songbird has been hitting the scene promoting her album as well as singing the National Anthem at the Knicks vs. Lakers game and paying tribute to the late, great Whitney Houston on Good Morning America. Although I didn’t think that performance was all that, […]

SWV Release Their New Video ‘Co-Sign’

Recognize they’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! SWV that is and they have just released the video to their hit single ‘Co-Sign.’ It’s so good to have them back on the scene because not many R&B girl groups get back together and make hit songs the way they do. Just knowing they are back on the scene makes me […]

Before The Fame: Nicki Minaj Freestyling And Even Showed Lil’ Kim Some Love

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Madame Noire, when I ran across about post about Nicki Minaj. At a glance, I didn’t even know it was her without all the bright colored wigs and funky costumes. It’s amazing what fame and stardom does to some people. In the video, she actually gives a […]

Music Monday: Young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z, Drake and Andre 3000 ‘I Do’ (Remix)

Young Jeezy must’ve had settling down on his mind when he made this song. This is one of my personal faves off his new album.

[Video] Tyrese — “Nothing On You” Starring Chilli

As always, Tyrese has outdone himself yet again. The new video for one of his hit singles “Nothing On You” from his new album Open Invitation, which he re-released on Valentine’s Day. “Nothing On You” is a song about his woman being insecure and he’s pretty much letting her know that she has nothing to […]