Black Friday

Black Friday: Wifey N Training Shop

Black Friday: Wifey N Training Shop As you all know, we started our Black Friday series a couple months ago and now we’re back with our next feature. Wifey N Training. Wifey N Training Shop is owned and operated by NeeCee who is also a relationship blogger who designs shirts to encourage empowerment in relationships. […]

Black Friday: MayaIndia Spa

Black Friday: MayaIndia Spa   This week’s Black Friday feature is MayaIndia Spa. MayaIndia Spa, which was founded by┬áRoslyne Johnson, is a homemade dessert for your skin gourmet line. Roslyne came up with the idea of MayaIndia Spa after years of mixing her own “lotions and potions” in an effort to cure dry, itchy skin […]

Black Friday: Tomekia’s Chocolate Shop

  Black Friday: Tomekia’s Chocolate Shop A few days ago, we introduced our new Black Friday series where we would highlight a black owned business every Friday to raise awareness of the black businesses in our community. First Black Friday feature is Tomekia’s Chocolate Shop which is business that offers custom designed chocolate covered desserts […]

New Blog Series: Black Friday is excited to introduce to our readers our new series Black Friday. I know you all are wondering exactly what it means, so let us tell you what Black Friday is all about. Black Friday is a blog series we decided to come up with in order to bring awareness to black owned businesses. […]