Brandy: “I Don’t Want To Do Reality Shows… I Think I’m Too Boring For Reality.”

Reality shows are invading our televisions left and right. Every week a new show is coming out. Hence, the blog post I did earlier on R&B Divas coming to TV One.

Although reality TV is proving to be a comeup for those involved, Brandy says it’s just not for her. Honestly, she’s not in much of a need of a comeup since she’s been in the entertainment industry since she was a teenager. Hit songs, starring on several sitcoms including her own Moesha as well as recently landing a permanent role on The Game and a recurring role on ‘Drop Dead Diva.’

Sister2Sister recently caught up with the R&B diva about her acting career & reality TV:

 “I relate to her in so many ways, just being a mother, having her heart broken. I’ve been through everything she’s been through, probably more,” Brandy told Sister 2 Sister.

“I don’t want to do reality shows. I watch reality shows here and there, but I don’t think I work well on reality shows,” said Brandy who has starred in two. “I think I’m too boring for reality. It’s much more fun playing somebody else.”

“I don’t even argue like some of these women on TV,” she said. “I just watched ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ and I was like, ‘whoa.’ It’s not that you have to compete [with other shows], but if you look at things from a business standpoint, you want to get the kind of ratings that the ‘Basketball Wives’ are getting.

“Why aren’t we getting those ratings? Your life is just too boring,” she joked. “People want to see drama. They want to see that. So, reality is not for me.”

Brandy is SO right. What is it about DRAMA that drives people to want to watch? Is it because it’s so entertaining you can’t help but watch? Or people want to know that they’re not the only ones whose life is dysfunctional as hell?

I’m like Brandy, I watch them from time to time but only when I’m bored or working on something and I just want the noise or to find inspiration to write. One reason I really don’t watch them much is because I don’t watch TV that much at all. Another is, I’m too busy trying to make sure I make something of my own life other than Facebooking and Tweeting every line, every scene going on in the reality shows. I mean, drama or not, those chicks are getting PAID. I don’t knock the hustle because everyone needs a check but I just don’t understand why it has to be drama-filled for people to watch.

I want to hear your thoughts… What is it about reality TV that makes you tune in week after week?



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