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Black Girls Workout Too Part 2 Coming Soon

black girls workout too 2 Black Girls Workout Too Part 2 Coming SoonYou asked for it and now they are delivering.

Creators of Black Girls Workout Too, Ellen and Lana Ector, are gearing up to launch part two of their famous workout DVD.

Lana announced via her Instagram that they will be launching part two the the Black Girls Workout Too DVD and it will be available for sale on December 19.

We’re Backkkk.. With the all the #snatchitback moves thats gonna give you ladies the Sexy #bawdys you’ve always wanted! I CAN’T wait to show my Gems, my ALL NEW “Gym Grown No Silicone” signature workouts!!! Are you ready??? #blackgirlsworkout2 #blackgirlsworkouttoo Yeaaaaa

Funny I saw this while I was browsing Instagram because I just started back doing my Black Girls Workout Too DVD this morning. I can tell I hadn’t done it in forever because my ass was ready to pass thee hell out. I have never sweat so hard doing any workout DVD in my life nor have I saw such fast results.

Just before going on my vacation to Jamaica earlier this year, I did the Black Girls Workout Too DVD for about 5 or 6 weeks and dropped a large amount of weight and inches in a very short time. Why did I stop, I have the slightest clue, but I’m back on it and ready to shake the rest of this weight.

I can’t wait to see what Black Girls Workout 2 has in store. If you missed our last Black Girls Workout Too post, be sure to see some pics of the results here.

Pre-order your copy of Black Girls Workout 2 below:

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