Black Friday

Black Friday, TractHer TrailHer Black Friday Series, Black Owned Businesses is excited to introduce to our readers our new series Black Friday. I know you all are wondering exactly what it means, so let us tell you what Black Friday is all about.

Black Friday is a blog series we decided to come up with in order to bring awareness to black owned businesses. There’s such a stereotype that “WE” don’t support each other and that’s not always true. I think it’s more so that we’re unaware and are used to the norm and I think it’s time for us to start keeping our money in our own communities.

Since our readers are mostly women, we plan on starting off with black owned businesses by women and later branching out into other black owned businesses as well as our Black Friday series starts to grow.

During our Black Friday blog series, we will be reaching out to some of our fellow business women, business owners and also our readers to have them submit their black owned businesses to us so we can feature them on our site each month until we build up our feature database and then we will start featuring a black owned business each week.

Our Black Friday blog series is set to kick off on Friday, June 3, 2016 and we’re excited to see how everything is going to pan out. We are looking forward to working with black business owners and featuring them on the site in hopes to getting “US” to start supporting each other.

Black Friday series will feature all types of black owned businesses from beauty salons, beauty supply stores, nail shops, restaurants, boutiques, car washes and even small, newly starting and online businesses as well. Any black owned businesses we find in our local community, we will be reaching out to feature them for our Black Friday series and introducing them to our readers.

If you are black business owner or know someone who is and want to be featured during our Black Friday series, be sure to submit an email to with Black Friday in the subject line along with a brief description of what your business is and/or about, your contact info and website along with a coupon code we can offer our readers to use when they visit your business/website.

We hope you all enjoy our new Black Friday series and hope that it truly brings awareness to black owned businesses and help us to start supporting each other more.