Beyonce Reveals Meaning Behind Blue Ivy’s Name

Baby Blue Ivy was famous long before she got here. From the moment Beyonce’ let the world know she was pregnant, people couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of baby Blue.

When Jay-Z and Bey announced the name of their baby, there was all kind of speculation as to the meaning of her name since Jay has always been rumored to be apart of the Illuminati.

With all the trademarking issues, interpretations, etc., around Blue Ivy’s name, it seems that Bey has thrown yet another hint at where her name stemmed from via her Tumblr page. There is an inspriational passage  from Rebecca Solnit’s Field Guide to Getting Lost, check it out below:

Either way, Jay & Bey should be able to name their baby whatever they want. It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful baby to say the least.

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