Beauty Tip: $ave Money Stop Overusing Your Hair Products Use An Applicator

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Find yourself putting more and more of your money down the drain through overusing your hair products?  Going through your shampoo rather quickly these days?  Want to find out how you can give them most use out of your hair care products?  Use an applicator bottle when applying your shampoo.

This simple yet powerful little money saver has provided so many benefits when using it to dispense your hair cleaning products, especially getting the shampoo to lather well during the first shampoo.  What I’ve found is that during my first shampoo, I tend to use about enough shampoo to shampoo about two or three other times.  What a waste of product? And we know a waist of product is a waste of money.

With applying my product with the applicator I’m able to use an ample amount the first go around and get more then enough suds to dig in for a good ole scalp scrub.  Also, I am able to apply the product directly onto the scalp. Cleansing the scalp really well is the main goal of the shampoo.  A healthy clean scalp promotes hair growth.  Here are top four benefits of using this applicator:

  • Use less product
  • Measure content
  • Apply product only where needed
  • Shampoo lathers quicker

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