Author: Shan

Rollers: Save Your Tresses While Creating Great Hair

Flex rollers, mesh rollers, sponge rollers, steam roller….ROLLERS, ROLLERS, ROLLERS!!!! Why do I need rollers? Rollers are great to help with longer lasting curls, body, and volume.  It’s just something about a roller set that gives the hair just the bounce it need.  Because rollers give you a longer lasting style, it helps keep unwanted […]

Product Alert: Watch for Bootleg Hair Products

There is a bootlegged man for everything!  Mizani posted this message on December 4 via their Facebook fan page to alert stylist and consumers of possible product fraud of their salon-exclusive brand.   They shared that their brand is exclusively sold by professional stores and authorized distributors.

Digestive Health: Natural Ways To Relieve Constipation

Feeling full, bloated, and straining to have a bowel movement?  Do you tend to release your bowels less frequently one or less times per week? Do you go more than a week without having a bowel movement?  You may be constipated.  The National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse reported that “constipation is one of the most […]