Author: Meiqua Yushundra

BET Awards: Red Carpet Divas

Yes, it’s that time again… Time for the BET Awards. If you missed it, don’t worry they’re only gone air it 9,999,999 more times before this month is over lol. Anyway, of course the BET Awards was okay this year but as always there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, the good, the bad and the ugly of […]

Hats… My New Accessory

  I am falling in love with hats and seems like every other woman is too. Everywhere I look, women are wearing big, beautiful, floppy hats and they are simply fantabulous. It seemed like back in the day wearing hats used to be only for church, well maybe only in community lol, but hats are gracing […]

Pimped Out Rides

This is about a week or so late because I’ve been so busy doing other stuff but while I was out and about last week stumbled on this car show. They had some really fabulous cars out there from old school to new school. I have some pics of some of the rides that caught […]

Princess Tiana… No Princess Mekaela

I was getting ready to go with my sister to see a car because like me she’s car shopping too. She had just finished combing my niece’s hair and she was getting ready to put on her hair barretts. Now my niece is 3 but she’s so one of the girls. She loves to look […]

New Addition: Ms. Zavia

The wait is finally over, Ms. Zavia Hughes graced us with her prescence on Tuesday, May 17th at 7:55a.m. We were all trying to guess when she would be born and I think I may have been the closest because I said she would come on the 15th so I was two days off lol. […]

Sip & Shop

I’m so glad my good friend Alena, Atl EyeCather, decided to come drag me out of the house this past weekend. We met up with a couple of our girlfriends at Peacock Alley’s Sip & Shop event. Now of course I had in my mind I was only going to Sip & See, but of […]