Are Women Better Cheaters Than Men???

Love, Relationships, Trust, Cheating, Are Women Better Cheaters, Do women cheat, why do women cheatAre Women Better Cheaters Than Men???

Cheating can be one of the most devastating parts of a relationship and even a deal breaker for some. Most people automatically think that men do most of the cheating, but women cheat too. The question is, are women better cheaters than men?

Although I’m not a cheater because loyalty is everything to me, I do believe that woman are better cheaters. For one, women don’t necessarily cheat just because they can, but because they are lacking something in the relationship.

While I was watching the movie Addicted, it got me to thinking about how good of a cheater she was. I mean this woman was out sleeping with multiple men and her husband had not even the slightest clue. Although she was lacking on her responsibilities at work, she pretty much kept it together at home.

Here’s why I think women are better cheaters than men…

  • A woman is always going to make sure she takes care of home first. One thing about men, they tend to change up their routine too much which makes their cheating known. Most women have a certain routine and stick to it, especially if she has kids. Women will make sure she maintains thing as normal because one thing she knows if that if her man catches her, it’s a wrap. Unlike women, men don’t forgive their woman cheating as easily.
  • Women normally cheat if they’re lacking something in the relationship. As I mentioned the movie Addicted earlier, she was lacking a healthy sex life. Anytime she would ask her husband to do something spontaneous, he’d blow her off. I remember a time when I went through the same thing with my ex husband. Although I didn’t cheat, it got very frustrating that he didn’t want to try new things.
  • Women won’t show off their side piece. She tends to keep him under lock and key. She won’t even tell her best girlfriend because if just so happen ole girl gets mad at her, she could possibly spill the beans. Men on the other hand tell every damn body. The best friend, his co-workers, the stranger at the gas station. He be happy bout his little “20” till shit hits the fan.
  • She’ll keep her side piece way on the other side of town where they can’t be ran into unless her dude gets suspicious and follows her.
  • Her side piece will also more than likely be married or in another relationship as well. This is great because neither one of them will have much time to “fool around” and start catching too many feelings and act all clingy and like they’re in an exclusive relationship. This is the safest way because she won’t have to worry about him┬ácalling or texting randomly in the middle of the night. They’ll have their little side piece schedule and stick to that.
  • Ole girl ain’t bout to bring her side piece around family or friends. She ain’t bout to have someone slip up and ask her “so how Jody been doing? Where Jody at? We like him” etc. Y’all know men be taking their side chicks all ’round the family to meet his mama, at the family cookouts and shit when you ain’t around. Then you come around and folks looking at you half ass crazy like you just know! **side eye**
  • Last but not least, a smart woman never gets too personal with her side piece and tell them too much about their main dude or husband. One thing men mess up at is telling his side chick all the damn business. Have that chick knowing all kinda shit she has no business knowing and all mad at the main chick like she really did something wrong. Keeping things pretty much about them helps keep the BS down if they just so happen to get caught.

Anywho… That’s my theory on why women are better cheaters. Now I know some of y’all gone be mad at me for spilling the tea. Just call me the “Steve Harvey” of women. I just may write a book and school these men like he did with the whole “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” series. Just a thought!!!

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