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Alicia Keys’ National Anthem Performance “Disrespectful” Because She Didn’t Stand???????

alicia super bowl anthem Alicia Keys National Anthem Performance Disrespectful Because She Didnt Stand???????

Misery loves company!!!

Alicia’s Keys is being  called “disrespectful” because she failed to stand during the Star Spangled Banner. at the Super Bowl. Idiotic viewers, who need to get a life have been flooding the NFL with complaints. She’s also being criticized as having the longest rendition on record, clocking in at 156.4seconds, right behind Natalie Cole’s 152 seconds in 1994.

A spokesperson for Alicia Keys explains,

“Alicia is a proud American and was honored to perform at the event.”
“Her slow version of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ was her own arrangement, accompanying herself on the piano, adding ‘living in the home of the brave’ at the end of the song. It’s silly to see how that was being disrespectful.”



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