Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life [Updated]

Work In Progress: Vision Board 2012 Revisit
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With so many haters every where you turn, it is important that you do all you can to keep yourself grounded. Last year while watching Oprah’s life class, she had a guest speaker, Cheryl Richardson co-author of You Can Create An Exceptional Life. I was so inspired by Cheryl Richard that I actually purchased and read the book.

As the saying goes “positive energy equals positive results,” I found that to be very true as it relates to me and every aspect of my life. For years, I spent so much time beating myself up over things I couldn’t control not knowing that it was affecting my life majorly, in a negative way.

After watching the life class, I wrote down some affirmations from the book and a few of my own and begin quoting them daily. For the last couple months, I have fallen off reading my affirmations and have noticed a HUGE change in my life. My mind frame begin to slip back into its old habits, going back to the same person I used to be and I couldn’t have that. I had to do something different to make sure that I say them everyday and put them in my face so to speak so that I wouldn’t have an excuse not to, so yesterday I started putting them on sticky notes and using the empty space on my wall to post them (pictured above, still incomplete, but a work in progress).

For Healing: (From the book)

love myself, and I forgive myself.

My body knows  how to heal itself.

I love every inch of my body.

My healthy cells grow stronger everyday.

I love myself.

When I First Wake Up And Open My Eyes:

Thank you Jesus for blessing me with another day. (One of  my own)

All is well. I have time for everything I need to do today.

This is a blessed day.

Looking In The Bathroom Mirror:

Good morning, Meiqua. I love you. I really, really love you.
You look beautiful as always (one of my own I tweaked).

Your hair and makeup looks flawless.

For Prosperity:

I prosper wherever I turn.

My income is constantly increasing.

I am worthy of abundance.

Abundance flows into my life in surprising ways every day.

We’re all a work in progress, but we have to learn to change our thinking. No matter what’s going on in our life, we have to learn to look at every thing as a lesson, but in a positive way. Know that no matter how things look that if you believe they will indeed happen exactly when they’re supposed to happen. The key is to remain positive at all times. I mean, seriously bullshit is airbourne and there will always be haters and people that are waiting to see you fail, but remember you can’t fail if you’re not doing anything.

Our brain is a muscle and in order to keep our minds strong we have to exercise as well.  Keeping your mind full of positive thoughts and affirmations will change your frame of mind completely. There is enough things that can tear you down, but the key is working against the grain and changing your thought process. It’s so easy to fall into what’s going on around you, but that when you have to stand up and fight for what you believe and create yourself an exceptional life.

I know the life I want and the one I deserve. I recently stepped out on faith and decided to become a full time entrepreneur and it wasn’t easy. Sometimes we get so dependent on these jobs and our way of life, we forget about our goals, dreams and aspirations. It’s a daily struggle to keep your head above ground, but every day I wake up I get a chance to make it happen. You’re not in war with others, you’re in a war with your mind. Change your thinking and change your life. Whether they hate on you, want to see you succeed or not, the choice is yours.

My motto is: If not ME, then WHO???

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Work In Progress: Vision Board 2012 Revisit
Who Rocked It Best: Jada Pinkett-Smith or Jennifer Williams in Red Valentino Jumpsuit

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