About Wigs & Why Lace Wigs Were Designed + Celebs That Rock Fabulous Wigs

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Lace wigs are a hot commodity!!!

From hollywood stars and TV sets to the shelves of local beauty supply stores, lace wigs and lace frontals, have become a popular beauty necessity.  Many women choose to wear wigs because of their convenience and low-maintenance care.  Wigs come in different sizes, styles, and textures.  The hair may be made out of synthetic hair fibers, human hair fibers, or virgin hair.  There are full lace wigs, wigs that are designed with lace around the perimeter of the head or the entire wigs.  There are lace front wigs and wigs with a lace closure.

Although lace wigs are popular and may be lower maintenance than caring for your own hair, lace wigs were designed to help create a hairline for individuals that don’t have one.  Whether a person is or has lost his or her hairline because of hereditary reasons, medical, or alopecia, lace wigs were designed with you in mind.  Lace wigs are commonly used to offer hair loss solutions for burn victims, cancer patients, and people who suffer from alopecia.  But as you know everywhere enjoys wigs. Especially people on the go.  But for those people who decide to wear lace wigs that have a hairline may risk losing their hairline in the process.  Proper care is highly advised for those who wear wigs for fashion and not a necessity.

Check out some of our favorite celebs that rock fabulous wigs.

BET 106 & Park With Special Guest Tamar Braxton

K.-Michelle-Half-of-It-She-Is-Diva-2013 (1)




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