7 Reasons Why A Wife Should Leave Her Family


vacation, lover, love, relationships, familyLife as a wife, mom, or spouse can be hectic, especially when you can never seem to get a break away from work, your family, or both.

As a woman, we too alone with others tend to think we can do it all, that we are super women.  Yes we may appear to be a super woman to our spouse and families, but there are times we need to take a break from our super duties.  Taking breaks, meaning a vacation, spa day, or just some personal time for yourself is a necessary part of recharging the super woman that you are.  When you fail to take much needed breaks from your family, work, or spouse the people around you will notice a much unhappier, snappy person.

If you feel you need a break from your daily life take it.  Here are a few reasons why you should leave your family for some time alone.

  1. Much needed time apart.

  2. Teach your family how to function without you.

  3. Teach your how to better appreciate your role in their lives.

  4. Your kids may find out that you are not cray alone because your spouse will have to play a role as the disciplinarian. (Must homes moms are the bigger disciplinarians.)

  5. Make you, the wife appreciate your family life.

  6. Make you, the wife miss your family.

  7. Give you and your family a renewed love for your all’s life and appreciation for the the things you have.


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