68 Pounds To 120 Pounds How Did She Gain Her Weight Back

68 Pounds To 120 Pounds How Did She Gain Her Weight Back

While most of Americans are concerned with losing weight there are people that suffer from weight disorders that cause them to weigh below a healthy weight. Sarah Ramadan, Instagram name Fight For Growth shares her story via Instagram on how she struggled with her food fears that caused her to eat only about 35 calories per day.  On average we it is suggested that we intake around 1500 essential calories a day to stay healthy and get the vitamins and nutrition our body needs.

Here is Sarah’s story:

Then: 68 ish pounds, not eating enough to support a caloric surplus, scared of foods because of irrational fears. I was eating about 35 calories a day (a little bit of yogurt and soup broth). The only exercise I did was walk to the bathroom or walk to the car to drive to visit my doctor

Now: 120 ish pounds, eating plenty of foods that I love, training for the body that I love, and loving every inch of my skin. I eat indulgent foods to honor cravings and taste buds, and I nourish my body by meeting my dietary needs of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. My eating isn’t compromised by a list of ‘fear foods’ or ‘clean eats only’. I’d rather eat responsibly, intuitively, and to fuel my athletic performance. 

I train 5-6 times a week, performing a combination of strength and hypertrophy training. I do cardio based on my goals (for now, I’m maintaining my weight so cardio protocol is super casual and based on feels). In between then and now, here are basic principles I followed:

  • There are no magical shortcuts to achieving your “goal” physique.
  • Food has NO moral implication. You are not a “good” or “bad” person for eating what you eat.
  • You don’t have to track your macros to eat responsibly. You can be an informed participant of your health and understand concepts such as calories, macro-nutrients, and micro-nutrients without relying on a food scale
  • You don’t need to be on a meal plan to achieve your goals.
  • For muscle growth and weight gain, you need to be consuming food in a caloric surplus to promote the synthesis of new body tissue.
  • You WILL gain some fat mass by eating in a caloric surplus. And that is okay.
  • Find the intentions that ground your journey.

Honor these intentions (the phrase #fightforgrowth is based on these self-loving principles after all🌻) 

Photo/Story: FightForGrowth IG

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