5 Ways To Prepare Your Child For The Salon Chair


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Just like you raise your child to learn to feed him or her self, teach them how to clean up their room, or train them on how to behave in public, you have to teach your child how to act in a salon chair.  It all starts with you!

Here are five ways you can prepare your child for the salon chair:

  • Introduce your child to hair combing early.  Don’t wait until their head is a certain size or be too scared you will hurt them, comb/brush their hair from day one.  Remember to be very gentle as their scalp is tender.
  • Don’t scold the child when combing their hair at home.  Many times parent ruin a child’s salon experience before it even happen. Scolding the child at home during their hair combing experience has a huge impact on how children respond to hairstylist/barbers during their visits.
  •  Make hair combing a fun time
  • Distract them.  Give your child his/her favorite toys to play with or allow them to watch their favorite movie while you comb their hair.  This way he/she is less likely to pay attention to what you are doing and focus more on being distracted.
  • Don’t comb the child hair while they are already irritated. Trying to style your baby hair while they are already irritated will be hard for you and them.  At this time they are less likely to cooperate with you (on any level).  Stray away from hair combing during feeding or bedtimes.
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