5 Tips On How To Overcome Fear Of Failure

Tia-And-TameraLet’s face it, nobody wants to fail at anything. We think as soon as we try something, that will work out the first time and turn into something marvelous and great. Well, life isn’t designed that way and sometimes we do fail at things we try for the first time, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and stop there.

One of the biggest things that keeps us from living our lives to the fullest potential is the fear of failure. It happens to the best of us. Even the Michael Jordan‘s and Oprah Winfrey‘s of the world have experienced failure, but the key was not giving up on their dreams.

[Fades to transparent] When I started this blog, I was super excited about, but had no idea what in the hell I wanted to do with it. My initial idea was to have a forum for women who had traveling hubbies because at the time, I was married to a truck driver, hence the name TractHer TrailHer which I got from Tractor Trailer, get it? Things turned around and my marriage ended so what was I going to do with this blog? Apart of me wanted to shut it down, but I was like why when it’s something I created, it’s mine and I can pretty much do what I wanted with it. The name alone is unique and I love everything about the idea of having a forum for women. So, I decided then to turn it into a positive blog that I would talk about everything women. Had I given it up, I wouldn’t have known just how far it had come or how far it is going to go. I’m determined to push TractHer TrailHer to its fullest potential and we will soon be a household name.

As most of you know, I love the Mowry twins. We share the same birthday and I just think they are great, inspiring women and role models. Tia Mowry-Hardict and Tamera Mowry-Housley shared some tips on their blog about how to overcome fear of failure and I just had to share because it helped me and I figured it could help someone else as well.

1.) Know your fear: The first step in overcoming fear is knowing what it is you are really afraid of.  Dig beneath the surface and come to the core of the issue – did something happen in the past that caused this fear to take place? After you find out why you feel fear of failure, you will be able to change your fear slowly through the next few steps.

2.) Think positively: Yes, this sounds much easier than it actually is – but once you put your mind to it, it can really help you fight through your fear.  What does positive thinking mean, anyway? We like to see it as a way of thinking that focuses on the potential success instead of the potential failure.  When you feel like your fear is holding you back, visualize a positive outcome that could come from you taking a risk.  If you’re considering leaving your full time job for a freelance gig that you feel more passionately about, visualize the best possible outcome – new contacts, a flexible work schedule, a steady income and of course, doing something you actually love.   Here’s an interesting articleon how to train your brain to think more positively.

3.) Change your perspective: People who live their lives in fear don’t get to fully experience living – it’s a beautiful, fascinating world and each of you has the potential to make your mark on it! One tip we learned is to change your perspective of failure.  Instead of seeing it as a negative thing, why not view it as a learning experience? Failures only stop us if we let them. Imagine if Michael Jordan gave up after he was cut from his high school basketball team! Think of all the opportunities you are missing out on when you let your fear of failure stop you.  Sometimes the most life lessons are learned only after experiencing failure – and the best part is that there is always a way to bounce back.  When the thought of failure prevents you from taking a risk, ask yourself if you would rather experience a rejection that you will learn and grow from or be left wondering “what if” for the rest of your life.  We know which one we would pick…

4.) Set small goals: Setting small goals along the way can make your end goal much less daunting.  Instead of focusing on getting that promotion, set a small goal for yourself to stop by your boss’s office sometime this week and strike up a friendly conversation, or give yourself a deadline for putting together an organized pitch of your accomplishments that you can present to your boss when the day of the “Big Talk” comes.

5.) Have a backup: To ease yourself into overcoming your fear, come up with a backup plan.  With a solid Plan B in mind, you might be able to take risks with newfound confidence.  Just keep in mind – some decisions don’t have a plan B, so the choice is up to you whether or not you think the payoff is worth it.

I really hope this helps and inspires someone as much as it has me! No matter what you’re doing, keep pushing forward and you’ll get there!!!

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