10 Bad Hair Habits To Break For Healthier Hair

20140517-120259.jpgOne thing we love about Hairfinity is they love to drop little helpful hints on how to get and keep healthy hair.

Lately, seems everyone has been trying to get to a place where they want their own hair to be long and healthy. A lot of reality stars have been endorsing Hairfinity Hair Vitamins as well as sharing their hair growth progress.


Hairfinity shared 10 bad hair habits to break in order to get and keep healthy hair and with us having a beauty consultant and expert on our team, Shantastic Hair, she also swears by these so we know they are indeed facts.

Here are the 10 bad hair habits you need to break:

  1. Too Much Heat:
    Applying too much heat to the hair causes the hair strands to become weak and in essence they begin to split and break. You should only apply heat no more than once or twice a week to your hair and use other heat free methods to maintain your curls to avoid breakage.
  2. Using Harsh Shampoos:
    There are a lot of shampoos that promise to hydrate your hair, but in fact, they have a lot of harsh chemicals in them that can cause your hair to be dry. When buying shampoo, be sure to watch for those that have chemicals containing alcohol as they will cause you to have extra dry hair. Using these harsh shampoos will strip your hair of its natural oils causing breakage. We recommend using sulfate free and moisturizing shampoos.
  3. Rarely Deep-conditioning:
    Many people don’t realize the importance of deep conditioning. Conditioners are very important to use after washing your hair as they are a main source of restoring hair moisture. You don’t have to necessarily use conditioners that state “deep conditioner,” but you can use your regular conditioner to deep condition your hair by applying to your hair as normal. We recommend parting your hair into four sections and applying to each section, combing through the hair starting from the ends and working your way up. After you’ve combed in the conditioner, put a shower cap over your hair and sit under the dryer for 15-20 minutes. After you’re done under the dryer, rinse your hair out with cold/very warm water, so that you hair can lock in the moisture.
  4. Avoiding Protein Treatments:
    Just like your body needs protein, so does your hair. Protein makes your hair strong.
  5. Using Metal-Containing Elastics
    Using metal-containing elastics are very bad for your hair as they pull and break off hair during removal. Be sure to only use elastics that contain rubber and also to remove them properly. Applying a little oil to the rubber elastic will cause it to swell and break removing it from your hair without breakage. If you’re using elastics with fabric covering, be sure to unravel the band before removal instead of just pulling it out.
  6. Pulling Hair Tightly:
    Pulling your hair too tightly causes your hair to break right from the root which is a direct result of missing edges and baldness.
  7. Rough Combing or Brushing:
    Sometimes we are too hard on our hair when combing and brushing. You must remember that your hair follicles are only so strong. When combing or brushing your hair, always start from the ends and work your way up as this decreases the possibility of more shedding and breakage.
  8. Too Many Chemical Processes At One Time:
    Chemicals can be very harsh on the hair so you want to be sure to use them at different times. When using relaxers and dyes, etc., be sure to allow at least 4-6 weeks in between applying to give your hair time to build up strength through shampooing and deep conditioning.
  9. Trimming Hair With Regular Scissors:
    Trimming your hair with regular scissors is a no-no. Regular scissors can don’t get as a precise cut as they should and you could take off more hair than you need to or cause your hair to have jagged ends. You should either see your stylist for a trim or use shears.
  10. Neglecting Ends:
    A lot of women cause breakage to their hair by avoiding their ends. You should get your ends trimmed every 4-6 weeks and/or after applying relaxer. Maintaining healthy ends is a huge part in your hair growth. Having long hair with split ends is like having no hair at all. The ends are dead and need to be clipped.


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