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I Finally Ordered Steve Harvey’s “Think Like A Success” & I Can’t Wait To Read It!!!

If you knew me personally, you would know I love myself some Steve Harvey honey… I listen to his morning show every morning and have watched every show, movie and ready pretty much every book he has written. I did a post a while back on his latest book “Think Like A Success” but I […]

Soon As I Sign Up For Walmart Savings Catcher, They Go And Pull This!!!

Soooooo, about a month or so ago, I decided to jump on this whole Walmart Savings Catcher thing to see what they were all about and just when I started to collect a few coins from their little savings, they go and change their terms and ish. Walmart claims to be one of the lowest […]

15 Year Old Makes $500k A Year From Babysitting???

When I first read this story on CNN, I was like ‘damn I’m in the wrong business.’ Noa Mintz, 15-year-old high school student, is the owner of a babysitting business that rakes in a whopping $500,00 a year. YES… You read it right… FIVE HUNNED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! Talk about some major GWAP for someone that’s […]

Wolf Creek Amphitheater Announces 2015 Summer Concert Series

  If you’re like me and love you some good music, then you’re going to fall in love with Wolf Creek Amphitheater‘s Summer 2015 concert lineup because it is sick. Wolf Creek Amphitheater just released their 2015 Summer Concert Series and I must tell you I’m going to have to save all my coins and […]

How To Get Most Out Of Your Stretched Out Waist Trainer

  Snatch that waist line!!! Is what many women want a nice slim waist and a cute face. document.write(”); Many women like myself wasn’t born with the “skinny” genes so I say ” I have to fight hard to keep my jeans skinny lol”. About a year ago I invested in a waist trainer. When I […]

Ludacris & Wife Eudoxie Confirm Pregnancy

Rumors had been swirling that the reason that Ludacris was in a hurry to marry his long time girlfriend (now wife) Eudoxie was because they were trying to get full custody of his “on break” love child with Tamika Fuller and THEN there were others saying it was because Eudoxie was pregnant. WELL… whether it […]

SneakHER Head: Reebok To Launch New ZPump Fusion Shoe

Well, I’m at this fitness thing once again and am determined to tackle it once and for all and make it apart of my lifestyle. Over the weekend, I went shopping for sneaker to workout in and I did find a few pair of them, but it was hard because I need some that not […]

FINALLY… Apple To Add More Racially Diverse Emojis

  Well it’s about damn time… Within the last year, I have become an iPhone user and am now officially an Apple Addict like the millions of other folks in the world… Yeah, I became an Apple statistic… So what!!! Carry on!!! Apple has finally announced that they are going to be adding more racially […]

Tamar Braxton Spring 2015 Shoes Collection

The youngest of the Braxton Bunch Tamar is known best for her no filter personality, but she’s also know for being BEAT hunty. Tamar Braxton officially launched her own Tamartian collection some time last year and even though some of her Tamartian friends weren’t feeling those prices, they still ran out and copped a shirt […]

VIDEO: Adrienne Bailon Dishes On How Her Fiance Lenny Proposed

I know I’m about two weeks late and $15 dollars short, but I have been a little busy doing some other things that I didn’t have time to write about this when I first heard it. “The Real” host Adrienne Bailon is engaged honey to her fiance Lenny whom she has been with for six years. […]